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Peabody Properties Holds Personal Safety Plan Class: Practical Tips – Awareness & Prevention


Peabody Properties recently held a full-day training workshop entitled, “Your Personal Safety Plan.” Facilitated by Peter Scott, Senior Vice President of Government & Community Affairs at Longwood Security, and David Sawyer, President of SaferPlaces, Inc., this class offers a customized safety approach and practical tips for Peabody Properties’ employees.

The workshop, which was customized specifically for Peabody Properties by SaferPlaces, Inc., covered such topics as danger signs, violence prevention, reaction preparation, personal safety plans, understanding personal space and body language, normalcy bias, active listening and other de-escalation techniques, security systems, and site safety plans. Included in the course is everything from highly-interactive role-playing to what steps someone should take post-incident, as well as additional resources to further learning on the topic.

This training, while not mandatory, is open to all employees, and will be offered again later on this year. Peabody Properties has committed to hosting at least three (3) classes for 2018. Hosted by Peabody University, one of the industry’s premiere in-house training outlets and created by Peabody Properties, this course offers timely and topical education needed by employees in order to be successful in their job role and safe at work.

“This topic in particular can be difficult to broach initially to a group like this, but is necessary in light of the unfortunate violence impacting the home, the workplace and in our schools,” said Kristin Pine, Director of Training & Education for Peabody Properties. “The safety of our employees is paramount, given the unfortunate fact that violence in the workplace is an issue of ever-growing concern in today’s society. We would be doing a disservice to our employees if we didn’t train on this subject.

“In providing this training, it’s our goal to educate all of our employees, because every employee’s safety matters. Period.” Pine continued, “We want to create awareness to any potential risks, but also to train on best practices, solutions and available resources, as well as fostering an open dialogue between our employees and the company, Human Resources, our company’s Safety Committee, and all direct supervisors to help cultivate a better, safer working environment for all.”

“Peabody Properties is a leader in this arena,” said Sawyer. “They’re really taking the initiative here, and providing opportunities to position their employees and residents to be as safe and prepared as possible. We were grateful to be asked to customize a full-day class on this important topic, and glad to see an employer like Peabody Properties setting this kind of example.”

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