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RESIDENT SERVICES Enriching Lives, Building Community

At Peabody, we understand that housing goes beyond bricks and mortar—it's a people business. Our commitment to providing exceptional services and fostering a sense of community aligns with our mission to put the HOME in housing.

For us, resident services are integral to our commitment to creating thriving communities. We strive to enrich the lives of all residents and make their homes truly special places to live, regardless of age or background.

Our highly trained team and thoughtfully designed community activities encompass educational, recreational, musical, artistic, and youth-assisted programs, promoting joyful and fulfilled living for residents of all ages.

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Program Offerings

  • GAFC Homecare Programs: Daily personal care, homemaking, care manager and nurse well visits for residents needing care and support in their homes. Our care team provides referral, assessment, and coordination of care for eligible residents ages 22+ insured by MassHealth Standard, Senior Care Options, One Care, and PACE healthcare plans and approved for services by their physician. We serve residents in Peabody Properties managed communities and other community residents throughout MA. Please contact Benvinda Butler, BSW, MBA or Jennifer Zajac, BSN, RN to learn more.
  • Educational Opportunities: Lifelong learning is essential, and we organize educational seminars, workshops, and lectures to stimulate intellectual growth and curiosity.
  • Cultural Enrichment: We celebrate diversity and promote cultural appreciation through events, performances, and exhibitions that showcase various traditions and art forms.
  • Wellness Programs: We prioritize the health and well-being of our residents by providing access to various wellness initiatives, including fitness classes, health workshops, and nutrition counseling.
  • Recreational Activities: Fun and socialization are vital aspects of our resident services. We organize recreational events, outings, and games to foster a sense of community and camaraderie.
  • Artistic Pursuits: Creativity knows no bounds, and we encourage artistic expression through art classes, music sessions, and other creative outlets.
  • Youth Engagement: Building intergenerational connections, we facilitate programs where residents can interact and engage with young community members, promoting mutual learning and understanding. TEST.


  • Respect Is Key: We prioritize a respectful and harmonious environment in our housing communities, fostering positive interactions among staff, residents, visitors, and vendors.
  • Team Approach: Through our Resident Services in Housing Model, we foster a collaborative team approach between Management and Resident Services, striving for excellence to enhance our residents' quality of life.
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  • Successful Tenancies: We support our residents with access to the necessary services to ensure lease compliance, well-being, and aging-in-place support.
  • Enriched Quality of Life: We coordinate on-site educational, wellness, and social programs, creating a strong community and fostering connections among residents.

Community Connection

  • Good Neighbor Approach: Collaborating with community-based providers, we establish strong connections with local resources and services to support our residents.
  • Inclusivity and Funding Opportunities: Our program development involves residents and stakeholders, aiming to "bring the community in" and access program and grant funding for continuous improvement.
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Enhance Your Living Experience

  • Resident-Centered Programs and Activities
  • Responsive Service and Support
  • Building Thriving Communities
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